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300 - Digital Kiss-Cut Vinyl Stickers 4" x 3.75"

Big thanks to Varial Surfboards for their most recent order. We're extremely excited to be working with such a fresh and innovative company striving for new ideas and pushing the scientific limits of boarding technology. We know that kind of forward thinking is going to solidify them as admired leaders in the action sports industry and beyond. We look forward to more collaborations in the future! 

Varial Surfboards | Who They Are

Varial Surf Technology was founded in Santa Barbara in 2005 by two lifelong friends, Edison Conner and Parker Borneman. Frustrated with broken boards and a void of technological innovation, inspiration was found in Edison’s Materials Science engineering classes at the University of Pennsylvania. After studying the problem for his senior project, Edison came up with the idea of using aluminum honeycomb as a shaped core material for surfboards. Honeycomb core was developed during the space race as a next-generation material for making lighter and stronger parts than would have ever been possible with wood or foam. Based on his idea, Edison received a grant from the UPenn’s Wharton Venture Initiation Program and Varial Surf Technology was founded.
For the past six years Edison and Parker have worked together in the lab and in the water to perfect the technology. Edison has applied his engineering industry experience and the teachings of his Masters program at UCLA to impart the high performance characteristics of lighter weight, higher strength, variable flex, and extreme responsiveness. He has also developed key partnerships in the composite industry which have enabled Varial to perfect the design and enter production.
To compliment the high level of engineering, Parker has tested the performance and strength of the boards and has recruited some of the top pros in the world to be test pilots. Parker grew up as a sponsored competitive surfer and worked as an intern at Quiksilver in 2005 while studying at USC. He has utilized these relationships in the surf industry to build growing support behind Varial as well as develop a marketing front.

Varial’s aluminum honeycomb surfboards have been given life and a voice. Partnerships with leaders in the aerospace industry and guidance from prominent figures in the surf industry made it happen. All this work to perfect and deliver the first high precision aluminum honeycomb surfboard. We invite you to come try a board.