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custom-2-color diecuts in various sizes.

Diecutstickers.com would like to thank Ben & Nicole over at Vitamin Water, for their newest order with us. The Sticker Scientists in our DCS Sticker Lab were very happy with the way these stickers turned out and we're confident that the Vitamin Water crew will get great usage out of them! Be sure to become a fan of them on their Facebook page, to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

....... MISSION
Hydration for every occasion- morning, noon, night.
power-c (dragonfruit) vitamin c + taurine
xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate) antioxidants
revive (fruit punch) b vitamins + potassium
focus (kiwi-strawberry) vitamin a + lutein
essential (orange-orange) vitamin c + calcium
formula 50 (grape) 50% of daily dose of vitamins
defense (raspberry-apple) vitamin c + zinc
energy (tropical citrus) b vitamins + guarana
multi-v (lemonade) 8 key nutrients from a to zinc
dwnld (berry-cherry) daily download of vitamins + antioxidants
spark (grape-blueberry) vitamin e + choline
connect (black cherry-lime) caffeine+ 8 key nutrients