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Reliable client and friend, Voy Voy.
Most recent order - 200 vinyl die-cut stickers at 4 x 4"

DCS is always happy to receive orders from Voy-Voy. This apparel company is taking their lifestyle choices and spreading the word via their unique brand and voice. This group has been instrumental in help sustaining DCS and we've always enjoyed our working partnership beyond the scope of just work. We hope to collaborate more in the future, continuing to maintain and raise the level of quality and service whenever possible. Thanks guys!

Voy-Voy | About

VoyVoy is about healthy living, subtle style, and good taste. We take care of our planet by donating part of our profits to ecological programs. Our cotton is harvested by hand and knit using environmentally neutral dyes. Please check back frequently, we have many new products and styles on the way!

Our Style

VoyVoy is a brand that makes casual wear with a twist. Our clothes are meant for everyday, to keep you comfortable and remind you of the good things in life. We do this by focusing on the environment in the process and designing our clothing with unique colors and concepts. VoyVoy will keep you moving forward environmentally, ethically, and of course in style.

Our Name

"Voy Voy" is an expression used on the shores of Central America. The translation from Spanish is "I go, I go." It is used to signal to others that one is riding a wave. Although VoyVoy is not a surfing company, our inspiration came from a surf trip to Costa Rica where the pure enjoyment of life was inescapable. It has made us want to go explore, go create, and go live.

Our Logo

In classic Mayan art, monkeys are both deviant and divine creatures. They play tricks and provide laughter. In contrast, they are hard workers and creative artists. To the Mayans, they represent both the seriousness and laughter in life.

While travelling in Central America today, one can't help but notice the howler monkeys that dangle from every branch along the beach. Our Howler, the little guy with the big smile, reminds us to take care of his planet, each other, and ourselves.

We welcome you to our online store and hope you find something you like. Drop us a line through our contact page if you want to share some ideas, we'd love to hear from you.


The VoyVoy Team