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100 -  Digital Kiss-cut stickers at 4.7" x 4"
500 - Digital Kiss-cut stickers at 7" x 6"

If action sports needed a batcave filled with gadgets, tools, and clothing it's pretty clear that wired sport is it. Their employees play the part of Alfred, keeping everything stocked and hooking you up when you need the tools to match your talent. However, it's your responsibility to put together the appropriate "Suit-Up" montage as you get your outfitted in your gear and remember, music choice for your montage will be ESSENTIAL.

We hope Wired Sport keeps up the good work and we'll keep hooking them up with the best stickers we can possibly make. Maybe one day they can even come visit our Sticker Fortress of Solitude.

Wired Sport | Analog and Digital

Our goals from day one have been to provide a level of customer service that exceeds all expectations and to promote the sports that we love by supporting new participation. In 1997 we recognized that the internet was going to be a great means for us to reach more boarders and spread our stoke to a larger community. We built our first site and added online sales the next year.