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500 - Digital Kiss-Cut Stickers at 1.25"

The DCS team is happy to be making stickers for the ! Even though they're all the way over on the eastern seaboard, we know the kids club will be brimming with excitement for some brand new stickers to slap all over their stuff.

Back in the 90's joining a kids club was a problematic affair. You had mail issues, fees, and parental permission to contend with. In the internet age it's just a tad easier and that mean accessibility coupled with stronger devotion. We hope the kids are as stoked as we are!

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Since 1958, WXXI has provided the Greater Rochester area with the finest radio and television programming available. In the last several years, WXXI has bloomed from broadcasting one television channel and two radio stations to three television channels and six radio stations. WXXI has added interactive services such as live streaming of radio and podcasts of many programs.